March 2017

Marble dance

22. march 2017 at 17:57 | Gréti |  The short ones
Floors. Wooden floors and wooden doors and wooden chairs and wooden halls, wooden marbles in the corners. Don´t go near them.
Scattered children of little black holes. If they come around... If they come, don´t greet them.
I wonder.
Little by little the air gets thicker.
I still wonder.
What might be their purpose?
Just look. Look at her. Look. The marble. A scooped out eye, lonely observator in the light of the day and in the vivid shadows of night, widely opened. Look. It looks, too. It is looking. Looking at me. Looking at you. Observing. Watching. Closer.

The Little Vixen´s Tale

22. march 2017 at 17:44 | Gréti |  The short ones
She tried to run.
She tried to escape.
She tried to get away.
All her life she spent trying.
Tiny little vixen splashed the forest red, a forever wet line of paint shivering amongst the brown bark and silver coins of shattered hourglass. The wind raced in her fur, whirled it curly and bubbly, until her leather bitten by brisk breeze benumbed, until icicles hung from her upper jaw clinging-clanging as her legs hurried her forward.


22. march 2017 at 17:39 | Gréti


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The Longer than Longer than short ones (300)

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alias 300 words of almost giving a damn

The Short short ones (100)

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alias 100 words zygotes

The Longer than short ones (200)

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alias 200 words fetuses

The long ones

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The short ones

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ただ今 (I am home!!!)

22. march 2017 at 14:42 | Gréti
After a long time I am coming back. I have decided to reclaim this little piece of space I have created for myself and my thoughts; Nylamme´s little world I have left behind.
It took me two years (I do agree I´m slow) to realize I need somewhere to share my ideas with the world and someone to tell my stories - even though I doubt anyone will ever read any of this. What matters, in this very moment, is that what I have to tell won´t rot in the darkest corners of my documents, abandoned and shriveled from the lack of sunlight.
To be a good mother of my countless children, I need a house for them. And what better place to accomodate them than the blog I used to love so much, where surrounded by a lovely community of bloggers memories and friendships were born? This feels like home :333
Since I currently live in England, english is the language I will use.

So, hey, back and glad :333

Please, make yourself at home. Grab a cookie and your favourite mug of your favourite tea. The adventure begins.